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Zumba Designed Exclusively For Kids!
For Children, K-6

Thursdays, Jan. 11 - March 21, 3:15pm
Full 10-Class Session: $150; Individual Drop-In Classes: $15
Call 305.271.9000 x284 or come to the Fitness Center Front Desk

Stacey Harris brings children an exhilarating, specially choreographed, Latin-inspired (with other international beats) dance fitness party class. It featuresh kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love, including hip-hop, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia and more. Each class will include dance instruction and rehearsal. The last portion of each class will feature MYOB* (Mind Your Own Body) game/interactive play, tumbling and or relay race. The last day of the semester will be a parent showcase.

Message From Stacey Harris, Instructor:

My classes provide an environment that will promote fitness and improve the athletic performance of the children. My goals for the individuals in the class are to promote mental & physical development as well as build their self-esteem.

There will be several other benefits of the class such as:
• Greater ease and efficiency in performing motor tasks and sport skills
• Increased awareness of how to perfect moving to a “rhythm”
• Improved Self-confidence and Self-Image
• Early development of good posture
• Increased muscular endurance and Muscular Body Composition
• Increased Flexibility
• Greater Awareness of how to Relax (through Breathing, meditation, child appropriate imagery and Yoga postures)

Because childhood is a period of rapid growth and development, the class will include games and exercises that will focus on the development of basic movements such as running, balancing, jumping, kicking, throwing and catching. We will continue throughout the program refining these skills.

The class will use the basic principles of an aerobic workout as we will always begin with a warm-up and end with cool down and/or relation period. Part of the class will include Music, dancing, and “getting the beat” through clapping and stopping feet. Another portion of the class will be a circuit format. The circuit will include a variety of different stations to challenge the individual, help increase awareness and isolate different body parts. The children will use large muscle groups, locomotive skills, visual perception, spatial awareness and cognitive and motor functions to complete these challenging courses.

*What's MYOB?

Each class concludes with a "Mind Your Own Body" segment that promotes fitness and improves the athletic performance and coordination of the children. An MYOB favorite is the circuit obstacle course using a mini trampoline, a rock climbing wall leading up to a slide, tunnels, balance beam, tumbling mats, hoops and more. The class also includes games, exercises, parachute play, and relay races with items such as footballs, gliders, scooters, and bean bags. There is always music throughout the class as well as rhythm exercises. Class ends with yoga stretching and imaginative visualization and relaxation.

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